MARINI Latin America asphalt plants around the world: MAGNUM 160 MAX operates in Sweden

The MAGNUM 160 MAX asphalt plant, acquired by GOODWAY, arrives in Sweden and already offers excellent results, its first job produced more than 20.000 ton in less than one month. In addition to the efficiency and productivity, the mobility is also a highlight on the operation of asphalt plants MAGNUM MAX Series, in a few days after de conclusion of the first job, the asphalt plant was already operating on its new job site.

MAGNUM 160 MAX operating in Sweden

Currently, the asphalt plant is operating in the central region of Sweden, but the Company has plans to operate in many states of Sweden, said Norman Melgar export sales manager. In Sweden, the winter season is very sever, reach minus degrees and snow that last many months, and because that, the asphalt production is restrict in a shortly time of mild temperature seasons, and for that, the productivity is an essential factor. In addition to deliver quality on the mixture, efficiency and productivity, the mobility and assembly facility are essentials, and is exactly why the MARINI Latin America is already a success in Sweden.