How does MARINI Latin America retrofitting works?

Your equipment can produce more, while optimizing production and maintenance costs! MARINI Latin America has a technical and engineering team that works together with our customers to provide solutions focused on increasing productivity, reducing production / maintenance costs and extending the life of your equipment through the application of current technology. In most cases it is an upgrade to their equipment where the main argument is the cost-benefit ratio.
Examples of Retrofiting:

Adequacy of safety standards;

  • Automation KIT;
  • Thin dosing system;
  • Filler and fiber silos;
  • TITANIUM dryer;
  • Operation of the dryer;
  • Operation of the lift.

O nosso time esta à disposição atender nossos clientes a qualquer momento e realizar propostas que atendam às suas necessidades de produção e investimento.

Why invest in Retrofiting?

Through the upgrade of an old Asphalt Plant, you can make it again competitive in comparison with current equipment available on the market. Therefore, even with a limited budget, you can make investments in your asphalt Plant in order to make it more profitable

Upgrading = immediate economic returns