Asphalt and Fuel Storage and Heating – Tanks

MARINI Latin America´s wide range of asphalt storage and heating tanks aims to meet the needs of each client. With a capacity range from 20,000 liters to 100,000 liters, they can be fixed or portable, with two parts (for asphalt and fuel) or a single part. The customer is the one who chooses the product that best fits his application.

MARINI Latin America´s tanks have:

  • Total thermal insulation with external protection;
  • Indirect heating by internal coil;
  • Heating system for heat transfer fluid (300,000, 400,000 or 600,000 Kcal / h);
  • Piping is jacketed for interconnection with the asphalt plant;
  • Loading system and circulation pump for asphalt / fuel (optional);
  • System of agitators for modified asphalts, polymers, etc. (optional);
  • Intelligent tanking system – with temperature sensors (optional).

Tank with thermal insulation for 50.000 liters

Configurations available with 15,000 / 20,000 liters for fuel and 30,000 / 35,000 liters for asphalt or 50,000 liters for asphalt.


Tank with thermal insulation for 60.000 liters

Configurations available with 20,000 / 30,000 liters for fuel 30,000 / 40,000 liters for asphalt or 60,000 liters for asphalt.


Tank with thermal insulation for 80.000 liters

Configurations available with 20,000 liters for fuel and 60,000 liters (or 30,000 / 30,000) for asphalt or 80,000 liters for asphalt.


Tank with thermal insulation for 100.000 liters

Configurations available with 20,000 liters for fuel and 80,000 liters (or 40,000 / 40,000) to 100,000 liters asphalt or asphalt.

* Other Marini Latin America´s tanks are available: 5.000 liters 20,000 liters to 30,000 liters.


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