Magnum 120 MAX

Magnum MAX Series

Magnum MAX Series of Asphalt Plants

The Magnum MAX Counterflow Asphalt Plants have been developed with the most modern computational tools and mathematical flow modeling to offer the most cost-effective equipment in the preparation of asphalt mixtures.

The unique mixer, widely used in the US and Europe, provides a highly superior quality asphalt blend. All this due to the greater mixing time in the external rotary process, guaranteeing the perfect homogeneity of the materials, together with the great mechanical energy achieved in the process. The benefits are even greater as the mixing zone works with very low oxygen levels and the durability of materials in contact with the mixture, such as fins, is superior (up to 3 times greater than conventional processes).

Its operation is fully automated, which gives the operator absolute control over all operations, guaranteeing the production of asphalt mass of the highest quality.