Fayat Group's solution synergy

Porto Alegre inaugurates the Cepia Asphalt Distributor, FAYAT Group solution for road maintenance

Porto Alegre Municipal Department of Urban Services and Planaterra inaugurated the Cepia asphalt distributor, developed in France by Secmair,  road maintenance and repair equipment company within the Road Equipment division of the FAYAT Group.

Together with the BVP vibratory plate, developed by BOMAG, world leader in compaction and paving, the equipment will work in small-scale maintenance of paving stretches throughout the city.

The main highlight for the new equipment is the finishing quality, achieved through the heated screed, the flexibility in the application, the agility, and the ergonomics when paving small stretches. The equipment is self-propelled and, therefore, provides a much lighter, faster movement, minimizing efforts for locomotion in and around the job site. Furthermore, through its compact design, it is possible to reach hard-to-access areas and, with the heated screed, the asphalt is kept at the ideal temperature, which makes application much simpler and more homogeneous, ensuring excellent uniformity.


In the middle picture, from right to left, Marcos Felipi Garcia, Porto Alegre’s Secretary of Urban Services, Gerson Dias, Planaterra’s owner, Leonardo Vieira, BMLA’s regional sales manager, and Assis Arrojo, Director of Road Conservation.

In larger scale projects the equipment used is the paver, which is also part of Planaterra’s BOMAG equipment team, together with 4 MARINI Latin America asphalt plants. The company provides technology and high-quality road solutions for various municipalities in the southern region of the country, including the capital, Porto Alegre. Cepia arrives in southern Brazil to expand the possibilities already recognized in Europe and revolutionizes the manual application method for this scope of projects, increasing productivity, reducing labor efforts, and making the paving of small stretches much more ergonomic, uniform, and agile.

With the synergy between the various solutions developed by FAYAT Group, for each stage of road construction and repair projects, on any scale, it is possible to find the perfect combination of the best equipment on the market, ensuring a qualified, high-tech operation with the safety of the best results.