Série T-BOX

T-BOX Series of Asphalt Plants

MARINI Latin America’s asphalt plants with continuous counterflow type containers offer the widest range of application in the market, with plants that serve from 50 ton/hour, 100 ton/hour, 130 ton/hour to 160 ton/hour, the only models in high production containers. The T-BOX series os asphalt plants were developed through the most advanced concepts of technology and mobility, and come to the market to build the future of roads. Configured in ISO 40’HC containers, the new generation of MARINI Latin America asphalt plants provides reduced transportation costs, practicality in installation and advanced technology to deliver excellence in asphalt mixing.

All components are of high quality and each module brings with it the EASY concept allied to the Plug&Play system, being the ease of assembly and maintenance present in the EASY Start and EASY Service concepts. Another differential is the dosage of aggregates that is carried out from the silos of great capacity of receiving and efficiency in the dosage. The TITANIUM mixing system is also present in the new generation of plants, bringing all the technology and quality recognized worldwide.

The filtering system also relies on the EASY Cleaner concepts, bringing a series of benefits that make your asphalt plant more productive, economical and durable. Speaking of economy, the firing system brings with it the EASY Flame concept, which through the interlock of the machine’s temperatures with the burner’s actuators provides greater efficiency in firing and fuel economy.

The T-BOX asphalt plants have the most advanced technology in control and automation, through the concepts EASY View and EASY Manager. The comfortable cab provides the operator with an excellent view through a wide and ergonomic structure. In addition, the cab is climate-controlled and can be easily installed outside the asphalt plant structure. The operation is more efficient due to the 100% in-house development software improved since the MAX series.

More than creating a new machine, we want to build new possibilities.

Welcome to the future of asphalt plants!