BOMAG MARINI Latin America was founded in 1958 and is part of the history of the paving industry in Brazil. Once pioneers in the manufacturing of Asphalt Plants in Brazil the company then expanded the product lines to several countries. Since 2013, the organization is part of FAYAT Group being the single plant of FAYAT Road Equipment Division in South America.

The Management of BOMAG MARINI Latin America:

FAYAT has been built up on strong values:

  • Autonomy for the companies in the respect of their identity
  • Fulfilling commitments : keeping our promises, managing our projects pragmatically, analyzing uncompromising our performance
  • Audacity : developing an entrepreneur spirit, taking risks In an environment where innovation is picking up pace and where the demands for profitability are rising, Fayat has successfully developed and diversified its business from the outset – whilst staying true to its original profession: civil engineering.