Counterflow Asphalt Plants

Magnum Series Counterflow Asphalt Plants

The Magnum Series of Continuous Counterflow Asphalt Plants were developed with the most modern computing tools and mathematical modeling to provide equipment with the best cost-benefit ratio for the preparation of asphalt mixtures.

The unique mixer, widely used in the US and Europe, provides an asphalt mixture of highly superior quality. All this due to the increased mixing time in the rotary external process, guaranteeing perfect homogeneity of materials, combined with high mechanical energy achieved in the process. The benefits are even greater since the mixing zone works with very low levels of oxygen and the durability of the materials in contact with the mixture, such as the fins, is higher (up to 3 times higher than conventional processes).

Its operation is fully automated, which gives the operator absolute control over all operations, ensuring the high quality of the asphalt mass production.



MARINI LATIN AMERICA presents the best solution to your projects. The MAGNUM Series Plants offer all necessary components for the production of the most varied types of high quality asphalt mixtures. Get to know the highlights of MAGNUM 80, MAGNUM 120, MAGNUM 140 and MAGNUM 160 MAX.

  •  Safety – Inclusion of protections to all moving parts, in accordance with current safety standards in order to avoid personnel accidents during the asphalt production process.
  • Recycling Ring – Allows the introduction of RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement) in percentages of up to 30%, and also facilitates the production of special mixtures such as SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt) with filler and fiber that may also be injected through this recycling ring.
  • NOMEX Bags – Bags made of NOMEX with TEFLON layer.  They allow working with higher temperatures required for the production of modified asphalt and RAP.
  • Insulated Dryer Drum – The dryer drum is insulated with thermal material and with stainless steel cover helping to maintain the dryer drum temperature and producing significant fuel savings.
  • Software Remote Access – Allows direct communication with the factory for diagnosis, updating and implementation of solutions to any problems during the production process.
  • Manual and Automatic System Operation – The entire plant operation can be executed both automatically through the PLC and by the manual board.
  • Highly Efficient and Durable Mixer – Mixer allows longer mixing cycles resulting in better quality of the final mix. All blades are built in special steel, highly resistant to wear, that guarantees a lifespan up to 300,000 tons.
  • Modified Asphalt – The MAGNUM plants produce asphalt mixtures with any type of modified bitumen, thanks to its “plug and play” devices that can be attached to the asphalt plants.
  • Filler Bin – Designed to add the extra filler that may be required in some cases, as well as, for the production of special asphalt mixes.
  • Video Cameras – System composed of 4 cameras to monitor the main sectors of the production process, such as the aggregates dosage, burner flame and plant overview.