MARINI Latin America around the world: T-BOX series in recycled roads

The asphalt plant CARBON T-BOX 160 of MARINI Latin America developed in Brazil had already its third model in Australia. The new brand project called “The road to recycle” is a successful case in recycled content to road construction and the asphalt plant chosen in this country, recognised as one of the most stringent technical and quality requirements for asphalt was the CARBON T-BOX 160. With a production capacity up to 160 tons per hour, the model is working on this sustainable project, processing up to 30% of recycled content with a singular excellent quality of the asphalt mixture. Through innovative concepts, the asphalt plant is showing a great result in this very important project.

The new series of modularized asphalt plants in containers with plants configured in modules with standard container, brings the only high production plants on the market with this configuration. With a wide operating range, all four models meet production capacities from 50 to 160 tons per hour. Developed through the most advanced concepts of technology and mobility, they arrive to build the future of roads. In addition to having decentralized and independent modules, which facilitate the customization of the equipment, the new series improves the processes and production, according to the most modern and different needs.

Together with this new concept of containerized asphalt plants, MARINI Latin America revolutionizes all the standards seen until today through the concept of EASY systems: a system totally based on agility to start operations, cost optimization and ease of service. The new generation of asphalt plants has the most advanced technology in control and automation, each module brings with it the Plug & Play system, promoting intercommunication, through an intelligent system, which starts to provide and send crucial information about its work cycle. The T-BOX series brings the most modern solutions for the evolution of the market, which seeks to reduce transportation costs, practicality in installation and advanced technology. More than just a new machine, the T-BOX series is the key to building a future with new possibilities.