The future of road construction: CARBON T-BOX in Australia!

The second asphalt plant sold to Australia since the series was launched in 2018 is now ready to produce the highest quality asphalt mix with advantages never before seen in the market.

The new series of plants is structured in three ISO 40 HC’ standard containers, offering several benefits, proven since its transportation, such as ease in logistics and reduction of bureaucracy and costs. In addition, it also offers high technology combined with total control of the production process with an exclusive Easy Manager operating system, with intuitive display, where the operator can choose automatic or manual operation.

The 360º view of the cab ensures visual contact with the entire workplace, further facilitating operation control and ensuring the best results in the production of asphalt mixture.

The mixing system is also a highlight at CARBON T-BOX, the exclusive TITANIUM system brings the most advanced technology available in the market, ensuring greater economy and energy efficiency, high quality in the final result of the mixture and the longest dry and wet mixing time in the market. In addition, it also has high strength components to provide a long service life and low maintenance cost.

Australia is one of the countries with the strictest quality control in the world and the arrival of the second model of the T-BOX series plant proves all the efficiency and proven quality around the world of the plants developed in Brazil by MARINI Latin America.

Surprise yourself with the new series of T-BOX plants:

CARBON T-BOX in Australia