The new T-BOX series of MARINI Latin America Asphalt Plants

The new T-BOX series of asphalt plant was lunched by MARINI Latin America in 2018, with the CARBON T-BOX 160 model, that is already operating in Brazil and Australia. As its main differential, the agility and simplicity of transportation are already being proven in its first international operation, through fast and easy logistics. In its first work, the innovation and the speed of assembly and operation were highlights in the operation of CARBON TBOX 160, offering excellent results in the production and an unparalleled cost-benefit. MARINI Latin America’s new generation of plants, structured in standard containers, offers the best and most innovative solution to produce asphalt mixture.

In September, the new T-BOX series was lunched, with production capacity up to 50 tons per hour, the new IRON T-BOX 50 arrive to complete the range of containerized asphalt plants, delivering the maximum efficiency and economy with the same production experience and technology of a high production asphalt plant. The T-BOX series comes to the market to complete the range of road solutions provide by Fayat Group to any need anywhere in the world.

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