BOMAG MARINI Latin America attended one more edition of M&T EXPO and as well as in previous editions, BMLA was highlighted for bringing to the market the most recent technologies available for the segment of road construction.


BMLA on M&T EXPO Content Arena

Lecture Technologies available, Best Practices and Trends for Asphalt Mixtures Production and Application

On November 27th, BOMAG MARINI represented the segment of road construction during the M&T EXPO Content Arena, over a lecture titled Technologies available, Best Practices and Trends for Asphalt Mixtures Production and Application, given by the engineering and Product and Business Manager on BMLA, who gathers wide performance and experience in the market. The lecture addressed issues of fundamental importance to the segment, such as the new technical and safety requirements, solutions for cost optimization in all stages of paving and alternatives to achieve the best results combining high productivity and sustainability.


Featured equipment

BMLA booth with equipment exhibition

The BOMAG MARINI booth covering an area of 448 m² and exhibited nine equipment, among them, CARBON T-BOX 160, representing the new series of asphalt plants of MARINI Latin America configured in container and manufactured in Brazil. The asphalt plant that brings facility and productivity with through all the technology of EASY concept, offering high productivity and agility with bureaucracy minimization, was sold on the very first day of the trade show, for a costumer from Australia. Further than CARBON T-BOX 160, VDA 400 MAX paver and the single drum roller BW 212 D-40, both manufactured in Brazil were also a success on M&T EXPO, as well as the Light Equipment line, including the tamper BT 65, the multipurpose compactor BMP 8500 and the vibratory plates BRP 35/60 and BVP 18/45. Compaction equipment as the pneumatic tyred roller 27 RH and the tandem roller BW 90 completed the show.


Press: performance of BOMAG MARINI in the national and international context


From left to right: Giulianno Moraes (Commercial Manager), Walter Rauen (CEO) and Rodrigo Pereira (Product and Business Manager) on BMLA. Photo: Rodolfo Justamand.

On November 27th, a group of the main journalists of Latin America were invited to BMLA booth, in order to present company’ scenario during the year of 2018 at the same time, introduce them to the innovations and to the equipment in exhibition during the trade fair. On November 28th, BOMAG MARINI also participated of the press conference with Brazilian journalists when the expectations for the coming year and the solutions available through the product portfolio were presented.