MARINI Latin America asphalt plants around the world: Magnum 140 MAX arrives in Senegal

In July, a Magnum 140 MAX asphalt plant was purchased by CSE Group, one of the biggest contractors of Senegal, with operation in many countries of East African. CSE Group in working on new infrastructure projects of Dakar, actively participating on Senegal restructuration.

In the photo, from right to left: Francois Dione (ETS. Berenger – Premium Group), Norman Melgar (MARINI Latin America) and Mamour Mbow (CSE Group)


The Magnum 140 MAX is going to work on asphalt production, paving more than 35 kms, between the new Blaise Diagne Airport and the new Diamniadio city, reaching Dakar Historical Centre. It is forecasted nine months on this project, which includes a series of pavement repairs for one of the most important infrastructure works of the country, of the last years. After concluding this project, Magnum 140 MAX asphalt plant is going to be moved for up-country Senegal, heading new roads.