MAGNUM MAX asphalt plants series: Efficiency and quality

MARINI Latin America MAGNUM MAX counterflow asphalt plants series offer the best solution for all projects, through its control system with ease operation and suitable components for production of most variable types of high quality asphalt mixture. The use of RAP (Recycle Asphalt Pavement) is a trend even more consolidated as a sustainable and lucrative application, and in some specific projects it is already a requirement. In addition to its predisposition for process up to 30% of recycle material, MAGNUM MAX asphalt plants series had the bigger mixture time of market, consolidated by its efficiently rotate mixing system, that had high mechanical energy and bigger energy efficiency.

MAGNUM 160 MAX Asphalt plants of MARINI Latin America

MARINI Latin America asphalt plants ensures high quality of asphalt mixture, due its precise process, with well-defined to each step, addicting each mixture component in the exactly moment and local, ensuring an excellent homogeneity of mixture. The benefits are even greater, in addition to maintenance facility, the system had also a low maintenance cost, with fins that had a higher useful life, up to three times higher than conventional process.