Welcome to the future of asphalt plants: CARBON T-BOX

MARINI Latin America presents to the market its new asphalt plants series, CARBON T-BOX, incorporating the most modern concepts of Industry 4.0 and revolutionizing the production of asphalt mixtures. The new generation of asphalt plants, containerized counter flow type, is the single one with a high production on market. Configured in container and modularized in three segments: dosification, filtering and drying/mixing, the new series of asphalt plants CARBON T-BOX was developed through the most advanced technology and mobility concepts and arrives to build the future of the roads. Besides having decentralized and independent modules, which facilitates the customization of equipment, the new series improve the process and the production, according to the most different and modern necessities.

Along with this new concept of containerized asphalt plants, MARINI Latin America revolutionizes all standards ever seen, through the systems concept EASY: a system totally based on agility to starts the operations, costs improvement and service facility. The new generation of asphalt plants count on the most advanced technology in control and automation, each module brings the Plug & Play system, promoting the intercommunication through an intelligent system, which is going to offer and send crucial information about their work cycle.

The CARBON T-BOX series brings the most modern solutions for the market evolution, focused on transport costs reduction, practicality during the installation and advanced technology.

More than a new machine, CARBON T-BOX is the key for the construction of a future with new possibilities.